Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hooray for Sold Cakes!

Hello everyone out there in blogger world!  I hope that all is well with you!  It has been a really crazy time for me.  But I wanted to update you with some exciting news!  I SOLD TWO CAKES!!!

The first was a for a 14 year old girl's birthday party.  The mom was very open to anything I had in mind.  The only thing that she wanted was Hello Kitty.  I ended up making my signature chocolate cake with almond flavored buttercream icing.  (I quickly realized that when I sell cakes I don't get to sample them.  Which is sad, because I don't get to find out how everything tastes!)  I went a little crazy when it came to this cake.  I wanted it to be absolutely perfect.  It was my first sale and I was determined to make it outstanding.  I ended up with a cake that looked amazing and tasted delicious!  I took plenty of time making sure that the texture was just right.  And of course I added little elements like flowers along the bottom border of the cake.  All in all, I am quite proud of this cake.  It was well worth the time and effort.

The second cake that I made was for a friend at church.  He is a huge fan of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  So I was ready to make him a cake version of the candy.  Of course, I put a spin on my signature cake.  And it not only turned out beautiful...but within a few hours of delivery I had gotten a text from him saying that it was wonderful.  (Just the kind of thing that a baker loves to hear!)  My sister got to have the privilege of naming the cake.  The official name is Chocolate Bishop.  (My friend is a Bishop and there is plenty of chocolate in the cake.)

I didn't have an order for the last cake, but I figured I share it anyway.  It was my uncle's birthday and two of his favorite things are Corvettes and Carrot Cake.  It had to be the best so I got 2 bags of carrots and started shredding.  Three hours later, my fingers were orange and the carrots were done.  (Yeah, I need a food processor.)  The icing was incredible.  The only thing that I like as much as cake is cheese.  So combining them makes me really happy.  Decorating with cream cheese icing was a little difficult at first.  However, it ended up crusting over fairly well.  I tried edible spray paint for the car.  Halfway through the car spray painting process, my can stopped working.  Off I went to Michael's covered in icing and looking like a crazy person!  The whole cake ended up taking about 6 hours or so.  But it looked outstanding!

I have yet to find a carrot cake that I enjoy.  It always seems like there is something missing.  Either it is too dry or there isn't a nice spice flavor to it.  (Yes, I'm becoming quite a cake snob.)  All of this being said, I LOVED this cake.  It was the perfect combination of flavors.  And super moist!

That's all for now.  Thanks for reading!

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